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You may be thinking of using concrete for your driveway but asphalt might be a far better option that you think. When you’re thinking of a quick and efficient and durable material asphalt for your driveway is the top rated choice. That’s the reason why so many of our roads and highways are covered in asphalt. It’s a material with a great deal of benefits and Black Top Paving Pros Memphis can provide your with a smooth driveway surface that lasts for years. We have decades of experience and provided countless homeowners with workmanship they were highly pleased with. We can do the same for your property at a fair and competitive cost.

Driveways Paving Memphis

Less Time To Install

Concrete can seem like it takes forever to mix and install when you do not have a lot of time to waste. Asphalt on the opposite end is ready to drive on after it’s cured and this typically only takes two or less days. Concrete takes far longer, typically one week, depending on the weather. Weather is a significant factor in the durability of your driveway and when you’re in a climate such as Memphis there are temperature shifts that should be considered. Asphalt driveway surfaces are a far less unpredictable surface than concrete when weather has an effect on how fast material deteriorates. When you’ve invested your resources to upgrade your driveway, this is hardly and aspect that sounds appealing for your wallet and time.

Easy to Repair

The last think you may want to hear is that your driveway is in need of a completely new installation after you just spent money on its upgrade. But that’s exactly what can happen when you use a material like concrete that is not easy to repair. Asphalt has the advantage of spot repairs for any cracks or fissures that might appear to due changes in the Memphis weather conditions and normal wear and tear. Concrete needs a complete replacement and is far more likely to repair under extreme weather conditions. You will typically not see the kinds of large fissures and cracks that concrete produces when you use asphalt for your driveway.

Asphalt Driveways Paving


Asphalt is a relatively simple mixing procedure that when done well by a professional does not have some of the issues that concrete possess. Because concrete is so often poorly constructed in driveways, it is known to cause flaking and when issues like extreme temperature come in contact with poorly constructed concrete driveways, it’s a recipe for disaster and in the short term, your driveway will need new construction far soon than you anticipated. With asphalt you will not have these hassles and our asphalt paving company is well known for professional and accurate installation of driveways that are built to withstand varying temperatures and the onslaught of normal wear and tear.

Why Hire Us

Black Top Paving Pros Memphis is a leader in the sector for asphalt paving and resurfacing. We have decades of experience and provide our clients with workmanship that can trust to endure for years to come. If you’re seeking a local Memphis asphalt paving company for all your driveway needs, there is no other contractor that is as top rated and provides expert solutions.

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