Asphalt Pavement Marking Essentials

When you became a homeowner there were lots of new terms you started learning when you realized home improvement is a critical part of property ownership if you wish to maintain its value. You never thought terms like “asphalt stripping” would become part of your vocabulary but then you realized your driveway had a drainage problem and your asphalt was suffering as a result. Black Top Paving Pros Memphis has decades of experience in asphalt paving to provide you with accurate construction using the material and we have a host of solutions that can restore your asphalt surface from a stripped driveway to a fully functional property.

Asphalt Striping

Professional Knowledge

Asphalt stripping is a highly technical term that requires deep knowledge of the paving process to correct. Black Top Paving Pros Memphis has years of experience and has conducted countless repairs to asphalt. We understand the reasons why asphalt stripping happens and our professional knowledge can help you ascertain how to solve the problem so that your asphalt paving does not continue to degrade from drainage and moisture issues. As a professional company, we take great pride in our fully licensed, bonded and insured team to provide clients with the feedback they need to make accurate repair decisions. We know that your residential or commercial property is an investment and you can ill afford to hire a company without deep professional knowledge.

Time Saving Prevention Methods

An asphalt paving company with deep experience should be able to provide you with basic strategies to prevent asphalt stripping from continuing. We are very adept at identifying root causes for this type of damage and we know the signs to look for at the surface of your asphalt paving that are often difficult for less experienced asphalt paving companies. Surface distress is often a common problem but requires knowledge for different strategies to prevent it from happening or from continuing. We provide our clients with feedback so that they understand the pitfalls of asphalt and poor drainage that can result in these issues and we provide suggestions that are well proven to correct the problems.

Asphalt Striping Memphis

Routine Maintenance and Care

The best way to prevent distress such as asphalt stripping is routine maintenance and care of your driveways and parking areas. This is a good strategy for preserving your asphalt paving construction and when distress starts we can provide you with early detection and repairs that cost less and take less time to complete. Your parking area and driveway is a representation of your property that adds to curb appeal and any delays or neglect of routine maintenance and care can have a significant impact on the market value of your residential or commercial property.

Why Hire Us

Black Top Paving Pros Memphis can keep your driveway and parking areas looking pristine and well maintained. We have assisted countless clients avoid expensive distress to their asphalt paving with early detection and our superior level of knowledge for strategies that repair and prevent asphalt stripping.

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