Asphalt Roads Construction

According to reports, more than 90 percent our roads in the US are constructed using asphalt material. That’s more than 2 million miles of roads that have used asphalt for generations or our highways and streets. It’s a testament to how durable and efficient asphalt is for paving. So when you need paving for your commercial or residential property, you’re in line with a common practice that is known for its safety and smooth surface. Black Top Paving Pros Memphis has decades of experience providing efficient construction of asphalt paving to give your surface long lasting protection you need to drive safely.

Asphalt Paving Memphis

Cost Efficient

Asphalt is a well known as a cost effective material that offers a smooth surface. This smooth surface creates less damage for vehicles, particularly when it is well maintained and in the end will save you a lot of money to use for your paving needs. This cost efficient material translates into lower fuel costs for drivers because when there is less friction on your surface you will spend less money on gas. This also means less carbon dioxide emissions, which is a high cost for our environment. These features are what make asphalt one of the most cost efficient material all across the US and you could be among the smart thousands who use asphalt for the same reasons.

Saves Time

Because asphalt paving is far easier and faster to construct it reduces the amount of time drivers are inconvenienced on the road and thereby helps waste less fuel. Asphalt paving is also easier and faster to repair this mean you can lessen the impact of traffic jams due to construction and if you’re in a residential setting it’s less time your car will not be able to use the surface. As a commercial business this means your clients are not experiencing any inconveniences because they can get on the surface of the asphalt as soon as it’s had a chance to cool down. This means more business productivity and as a residential property less time you’re wasting not using your property.

Asphalt Repair Memphis

Easy Maintenance

Asphalt also is a easy and quick to repair. When compared to concrete, which can stain and show a great deal of cracking over time, asphalt is easy to repair when you have a problem area. You do need to completely reconstruct or repair every part of your asphalt area. You can simply spot treat those areas that require repair. Using a sealant also helps reduce the likelihood needing frequent repairs. Our paving experts can provide with you feedback on the signs to look out for to repair you asphalt paving long before you need to so that you do not experience any delays in repair or use.

Why Hire Us

Black Top Paving Pros Memphia is a leading aspalt paving company in the regon and we provide you with alternative ways to upgrade your driveway, parking areas and any other areas that are suitable for asphalt so that you benefit from the safety and smooth surface area it achieves. Our asphalt paving team has decades of experience and skill to provide you with high quality workmanship that is durable and built with efficiency.

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