7 Things to Do in Memphis, TN

Apart from Elvis Presley, what is the first thing you think of when you see/hear the name Memphis, Tennessee? Famous for its food and music, the lovely town within the South has a host of activities and attractions for tourists and residents alike. The city has been a part of some of the significant points in history from being a center of the slave trade to a participant of the Civil Rights Movement.
Therefore, when you visit the city, you will never be stuck wondering what to do. However, to be on the safe side, here is a list of some of our suggestions:

Activities and Attractions within Memphis, TN

Take a tour of Sun Studio

Fondly referred to as the birthplace of rock and roll, a lot of famous musicians in the 19th century came from Sun Studios. Some of them include Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lewis. Today, the Sun Studio is a tourist location that preserves a little bit of the history of these musicians. Take a tour of the place to get a look at the microphone used by Elvis to record his first song among other paraphernalia.

Go to the disco at Paula and Raiford’s Disco

During the day, the location of Raiford looks like just any other storefront. However, during the night, this location comes alive for disco lovers. From bright lights, disco balls, a fog machine, dance floor, and a red-carpet entrance, Raiford’s still manages to retain the spirit of early 90’s disco.

Watch a movie at the Malco Summer Drive-In

There are only a few drive-in theatres within the US. So, if you are feeling a bit melancholic about the good old days when sitting in the front seat of your cars within a parking lot while a big screen showed the latest blockbuster movies, then the Malco Summer Drive-In is a place to get rid of the feeling. The theatre showcases cult classics.

• Embrace the sun at Shelby Farms Park

The city of Memphis boasts of a lot of sunny days thanks to its location. So, why not spend more of your time doing outdoor activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, picnicking or even hiking. One of the areas where you can enjoy all these activities at one spot is the Shelby Farms Park. If you are worried about what to eat, no worries, the park boasts of its own restaurant.

• Visit Mainstreet

Located in downtown Memphis is Mainstreet. Tourists can enjoy all that the city of Memphis has to offer within this street. From riding a vintage trolley to eating at quaint restaurants or taking a peek at Museums, Mainstreet has you covered.

• Get a case of the Blues at Wild Bill’s

Beer and blues! What a perfect combination. Stay up late until the early hours of the morning by listening to classic blues music.

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